Its funny how I have known things all along, yet I have had to always sit through the lesson, to be ‘certified’. Actually it was a never big deal at all. If only we paid more attention to the signs which direct us. ‘Times table’ just thinking about it makes me want to slap my forehead and say I didn’t need a moron to explain that to me. That’s what I used to know since I was a child. That one day when my brother was asking my mother what four times five were. I counted out four fives in my head, and told my mom. Funny, I remember saying that to my mom, but I don’t remember what she said, nor do I remember what I was wearing. Or what was around me.
Today I just learned the internal combustion engine. Did my own bit of studying to go along with it too, but I have to run now. My spanner is getting bored. We are going to inspect my car. Right after I get out of this damned fiesta.


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