I am a new man today. My beautiful wife, my lovely daughter, My house and all my possesions complete me. There were days when I wondered if I would ever free my life of all turmoil. I would imagine the color, the joy and the feeling of my face stretching into a uncontrollable smile, always in vain. When things do start going according to plan, it is easy to assess, and observe others. my daughter does well, and she keeps busy. I turn to my wife, who kisses me on the cheek, and tells me to not distract her while she works. I have a moment to myself, and I wonder what to do.

I knew I would like to have a beer with a loved one, but I also knew it would be hard finding my dad among the homeless downtown. after a little struggle with myself, I decided to go spend the evening with Dad. Dad is the one I love the most, he is the one i hate the most. He embarasses me as much as he makes me proud. He loves me, everytime I hate him. He is there for me as much as he walks out.

It took me an hour and 13 minutes, and questioning at least a dozen homeless grumpy faces, I found him sitting around the corner of the bus stop. dad and Jim were sharing a ciggarette. “hows it going stranger?” he asked, with a little grin on his face. Dad doesnt seem to overthink scenarios. He is always calm, and he never seems to regret himself. This makes me grateful. “Im doing fine.” I replied with a feint smile. “do you want to get a beer?” I asked. He neatly pulled out some change from his dirty jacket, examined it for a moment, then said yes.

I rolled the windows down as Dad entered my car, his jacket had a strong stench to it. Sarah would probably hate that smell.

I am a new man …


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