One pro of social media.

When fifteen Texans fly to new York and Washington d.c. there will be explosions.
When an educator decides to take her students on a trip, that will change all of their lives, she is doing her job well. This person is my professor. My professor of communications’ leads by example.
At the brim of summer, students and teachers set out on their adventure, and unfortunately, I am not a part of it.
This brings me back to the topic. Since my peers and teachers have been tweeting. instagram-ing. facebook-ing. I feel as if I am with them somehow. I guess it is in the good reporting skills they inherit.
I am considering that the social media acts parallel to the
Law of diminishing returns. That is, beyond a certain amount, it is productive no more. If social media were utilized properly it could even be one of those objects that history refers to, as the 21st century.
Egypt, Syria and wall street. The young generation is responding. As the age of Aquarius dawns, I am optimistic. You should be too.


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