A person with a guitar in her hand, who has never played before, is only “creativity” away from playing a song.

Sam didn’t look forward to the first day of school in New York. He heard that the bullies would all fight the new guy according to their size. Sam didn’t think of himself as a fighter. Sam neither wanted to get his ass kicked. Now sam started to prepare for that day, working out, and having a stare-down with the mirror. 

After summer, that day came. The guy in front of Sam just got the shaving cream and flour. Big Burly Bob started to look towards Sam, and he started to see something he didn’t see in the previous guy. Bob started  to think that this boy is angry. Bob knew that he didnt want to stop bullying for the day, but he also had a bad feeling about this guy. Without a ruffle in his hair, sam got away.

Years later, Sam was told by doctors, that he would not live for too long, and if he luckily did, he wouldn’t walk. Sam came home with a feeling in his heart beyond my imagination. I have never been told that I am dying.

Sam tried to hang himself that night. He couldn’t because either his legs were too weak,or someone found him before he could hang.

Sam hated being a burden, and he hated pitying himself so unlike most ordinary people who were about to die, he decided to go live on his own. 

I met Sam today. He just came back from riding his bicycle. he rides everywhere. Sam is the most self sustaining man I know. He is the hardest worker, and if good people were to be rewarded, sam would deserve all of heaven alone.

Today Sam taught me, That a person with a guitar in her hand, who has never played before, is only “creativity” away from playing a song.

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