No opinion about that.

The beast that keeps you up at night, he pulls hard on your eyelids.
He taunts you, he pokes at you, he promises more excitement.

Our thoughts are wicked, in the dead of night, that’s why there should always be a woman insight.

Be loving, be tender. Be with your woman, let the evil stay under.

But what am I supposed to know about that?
I absolutely have no opinion about that.

Elsewhere, there’s a woman who claims to love her man, but she also claims to love another.
One of the two men congratulates the other, the other wishes he could be there for his lover.
She’s the one who should be loved, she’s as sweet as the heavens above.
Instead she speaks to these two men. One is selfish, the other one is no fun.

I have no opinion about that.

Others sing songs of havenlessness

I have no opinion about that.

One breaks down, over the loss of a loved one. I saw him angry and weeping.
He was like never before,  he looked like he could hurt anyone, but He also looked like he hurt his soul.

Still I have no opinion on that.



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