I smell you.

You are the first chill before the snowstorm.

You are the solemnness before misery.

You are the grumble that precedes hunger.

Your presence is felt before you.

You are the goosebumps, followed by chills.

You are the maker and breaker of all of life’s thrills.

You can defy the force of gravity.

You are the force that builds or kills.

You are the nervousness before the question.

You are the suspense before the answer.

Your heart is filled with every counter

You feel like the love of the father.

You are the editor, and you are the writer,

but you have no story.
you will publish and press,
but, you will never have a theory.

You are there, but you cant be seen.

You are denied every time you deem.

You will catch the essence every time in your palm,

You can lead to, or away from scorn.

I smell you.

You are not success, you are not failure.

You are not confirmed, you are not near.

You do not define what is, and what should be done.

But, you are there to help navigate every turn.

You are somewhere between 11 and 13.

You are expected to be, but are not 12.

Your sum does not add up,
your product is not justified.
I smell you, 
but you have confused my mind.
you have shut me out and blinded my eyes
I hear nothing and I cannot taste
this funny nose is all that is left of my face.

I smell you.You…


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