The little ones gigantic presence.

Its not supposed to be like this, it was only yesterday that you were at the back of my mind, and I would never let you get away.

But something happened over night, something strange, something that took me by surprise, and now I cant seem to get you out of my head.

Its incredible how your coarse laughter rings, your cheeks wrinkle, your eyes twink and your chuckles and your giggles.

Through the coarse and thin, after the societal spin, we are each-others. We are sweet-hearts.

I cant seem to take on that role, though I want to. I cant seem to trust myself, though I ought to, you still are a significant part, you indeed are my sweet-heart.

I am confused, I am wrong, I don’t really know where I belong, what am I supposed to do, with a woman as sweet as you? I cant have you, I cant lose you.

What now? as I stare at this map, a couple thousand miles keep us apart. Why am I pondering so hard, Why is my head so fuzzy?

I don’t know of tomorrow, I don’t care about yesterday, right now, its that little structure, with unimaginable flair, only you are on my mind. Only about you I care.

I would bite you, I would pinch you, I would lay my head on your chest, I would hold you in a tight embrace, as I caught a whiff of your hair, After that, my imagination crashes, this girl is better by a thousand bashes.

My case is such, that I can reach but not grip, even though my prize is so close to me, I feel that she will slip. When the time comes and we are again face-to-face, only karma will tell, what we are to taste.


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