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Damascus: Don’t ask strangers

As smoke rises and ash settles in the legendary city of Damascus, the western world is asking if arms and ammunition should be provided to the Syrian rebels to help restore order.

Before addressing the question, it is important to understand that president Bashar Assad is the armed decision maker of the country and the rebels are an informal organization of fighters who wants president Assad’s rule to withdraw.

Those in a position of power are asking if the Rebels should be armed, but there’s no easy solution to that. How does a rebel group armed with the bare minimum that citizens can posses take on a regime that is not afraid to use chemical warfare on its own land? The rebels will require an arsenal fit for an army, and the question ought to be, will the western world provide sufficient weaponry to the rebels for a fair fight?

In my opinion, probably not. It’s easier to provide a portion of what the rebels need, just to extend the resistance, and let people kill one another slowly.