I smell you.

You are the first chill before the snowstorm.

You are the solemnness before misery.

You are the grumble that precedes hunger.

Your presence is felt before you.

You are the goosebumps, followed by chills.

You are the maker and breaker of all of life’s thrills.

You can defy the force of gravity.

You are the force that builds or kills.

You are the nervousness before the question.

You are the suspense before the answer.

Your heart is filled with every counter

You feel like the love of the father.

You are the editor, and you are the writer,

but you have no story.
you will publish and press,
but, you will never have a theory.

You are there, but you cant be seen.

You are denied every time you deem.

You will catch the essence every time in your palm,

You can lead to, or away from scorn.

I smell you.

You are not success, you are not failure.

You are not confirmed, you are not near.

You do not define what is, and what should be done.

But, you are there to help navigate every turn.

You are somewhere between 11 and 13.

You are expected to be, but are not 12.

Your sum does not add up,
your product is not justified.
I smell you, 
but you have confused my mind.
you have shut me out and blinded my eyes
I hear nothing and I cannot taste
this funny nose is all that is left of my face.

I smell you.You…


When I want something I have never seen,

I do something I have never done

When I want som…


I am home now,

and I am happy to see,

how today is good,

as I sit here to think of you and me.

I am home now,a…


Hey, I am here, now what is it that you wanted to say?

… Look, I got these robes today.

Wow… I am really proud of you.

Wow… you have a beautiful stare.

Why do you love my hair? Why do you take my heart?

Your heart is mine, and with your hair, i cannot depart.

Wow, you impress me in many ways,

and you are quite the charmer, just like they said,

But you have to beware, when you are around me,

I have a husband at home, and he is jealous of me.

I do not care, That is your life you lead

Your smile is heartful, and you are as pleasant as I can see. 

but as far as your husband, that is not up to me.

as long as your a liar, this is all we are going to be.

Enough of that. Now that we are here,

how are you expecting to make me disappear?

I hate your wit, you always back me into a corner.

Now take off your clothes.

Were doing this. Lets not put it off any longer.

You are mine you have to do as I say.

You cant refuse this body anyway.

Now sit yourself down,

and let me do things my way.

This pleasure, it sears through all of my skin

You made me do things I never imagine.

And before you get too excited,

i know you excited, get ready for a different kin’

You sway me you rock me,

you love me you mock me.

No disrespect to me as a wife,

but this is the best fuck I have had in my life.

Now lets depart, Both go home.

We have things to do, we need time on our own

Till next time, take care of that lady,

bring her back healthy, well fed and happy

Hey, I am here,…

Thousand ways to define creativity.

Thousand ways t…

I am a new man today. My beautiful wife, my lovely daughter, My house and all my possesions complete me. There were days when I wondered if I would ever free my life of all turmoil. I would imagine the color, the joy and the feeling of my face stretching into a uncontrollable smile, always in vain. When things do start going according to plan, it is easy to assess, and observe others. my daughter does well, and she keeps busy. I turn to my wife, who kisses me on the cheek, and tells me to not distract her while she works. I have a moment to myself, and I wonder what to do.

I knew I would like to have a beer with a loved one, but I also knew it would be hard finding my dad among the homeless downtown. after a little struggle with myself, I decided to go spend the evening with Dad. Dad is the one I love the most, he is the one i hate the most. He embarasses me as much as he makes me proud. He loves me, everytime I hate him. He is there for me as much as he walks out.

It took me an hour and 13 minutes, and questioning at least a dozen homeless grumpy faces, I found him sitting around the corner of the bus stop. dad and Jim were sharing a ciggarette. “hows it going stranger?” he asked, with a little grin on his face. Dad doesnt seem to overthink scenarios. He is always calm, and he never seems to regret himself. This makes me grateful. “Im doing fine.” I replied with a feint smile. “do you want to get a beer?” I asked. He neatly pulled out some change from his dirty jacket, examined it for a moment, then said yes.

I rolled the windows down as Dad entered my car, his jacket had a strong stench to it. Sarah would probably hate that smell.

I am a new man …